Our Team

The Pragiti team is entrepreneurial in spirit, innovative in outlook, and customer-focused in approach. Early on, we saw that SAP CX (formerly Hybris) offered clients the best omnichannel commerce platform available – and that the market was yearning for a partner company with a SAP CX (formerly Hybris) -only focus. Today, we’re the industry’s only end-to-end SAP CX partner. More importantly, we’ve built a reputation as a company that delivers on its promises. The job of building this kind of client-centric culture starts with a company’s leadership team.

Like any thriving company, our success is the direct result of the people we hire. We like to think that you can gauge the quality of a company by the quality of questions it asks potential clients. That shows you whether they’re more interested in learning about your business than telling you about their own. Why not let us ask you a few?

Our Leadership

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