Our Story

Pragiti, Inc
With best-in-class solutions across Platform, Marketplace, Loyalty, Search, and Conversational AI, there’s no better partner than Pragiti to help you envision, design, plan, implement, deploy, run and grow all of the most important interactions between you and your customer.
Your customers are changing and their loyalty cannot be taken for granted. They have choices, are increasingly mobile, and demand a personalized experience across all channels -- both existing and emerging. If you’re not delivering that to them, they’ll find a competitor who will. Navigating the continuously evolving digital economy is a daunting challenge without an experienced partner to help guide you.
Pragiti was founded in 2011 with a simple mission: help companies capitalize on the value of their eCommerce investments. We very quickly developed a reputation for delivering quality work that’s on-time and within budget, and boast a 100% referenceable client list as proof. We’re proven leaders in helping clients navigate the changing landscape, and a trusted partner to help manage their transformation effectively and efficiently.
In 2019, Pragiti proudly became a DMI company. DMI is a global digital solutions company that combines technical expertise, business strategy, and a collaborative mentality to create intelligent solutions that provide clients with the right tools, resources and guidance to navigate their unique digital journeys and create intelligent solutions that help move digital forward.

Our Team

The Pragiti team is entrepreneurial in spirit, innovative in outlook, and customer-focused in approach. Early on, we saw that SAP CX (formerly Hybris) offered clients the best omnichannel commerce platform available – and that the market was yearning for a partner company with a SAP CX (formerly Hybris) -only focus. Today, we’re the industry’s only end-to-end SAP CX partner. More importantly, we’ve built a reputation as a company that delivers on its promises. The job of building this kind of client-centric culture starts with a company’s leadership team.
Like any thriving company, our success is the direct result of the people we hire. We like to think that you can gauge the quality of a company by the quality of questions it asks potential clients. That shows you whether they’re more interested in learning about your business than telling you about their own. Why not let us ask you a few?

Our Leadership

    Founder & CEO
    As the Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Praveen defines the vision for and provides the strategic direction and guidance to Pragiti. Under his leadership, Pragiti has ...
    As the Chief Financial Officer, Ganesh Sankar is responsible for all financial aspects of the company from budgeting to fiscal management, financial reporting and ...
    Vice President Technology & Applications
    As Head of Technology and Applications, Harish is focused on setting up and managing implementation processes, introducing industry standards to conduct operations ...



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