How are our customers increasing revenue in the middle of a pandemic?

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What’s disrupting retail the most? Global Recession? Mobile? Even Amazon? (shh, it’s what made Amazon). The answer is: Marketplaces.
Pragiti has partnered with the best of breed in Mirakl.
Mirakl is the only marketplace SaaS platform that empowers both B2B and B2C organizations to launch and grow and enterprise market – at scale.

Why Marketplaces now?

  • Data for Q2 2020 shows that 50% of eCommerce shoppers are purchasing products online that they never have before
  • eCommerce usage globally has catapulted across the board since the beginning of ‘Shelter in Place’ orders
  • It continues to be a smaller investment option for expanding product assortment
  • This is the time to capitalize on your brand.
  • Full fledge Brick and Mortar shopping continues to be in doubt for the rest of 2020

How we can help:

  • Build a Marketplace strategy that fits your market segmentations and your product assortment
  • Develop a roadmap that includes ramping up the right Sellers and establish pricing elasticity
  • Quickly launch and operate your own online marketplace
  • Increase your product assortment with little investment or supply
    chain complications
  • Increase revenue from commissions and platform usage fees from provider
  • Low cost structure to deploy
  • Supports cross-selling ad infinitum with locality and sentiment smarts
  • Boosts online sales through improved SEO
How we can help
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