How to win and retain customers in a recession?

Annex Cloud and Pragiti understand the influence loyalty can have on your business.
We also understand the affect COVID-19 has also had on your business.

Why Loyalty now?

Data over the past (2) months shows that a strong loyalty offering will lead to increased customer retention, even in these difficult times. Annex Cloud’s solution offers:

  • A fast time to market with a wide range of pre-integrations
  • Significant Total Economic Impact (TEI) in average order value,
    frequency of purchase, and customer retention
  • A unified and customizable platform modularly architected to include
    loyalty cloud, ratings, and reviews, referral marketing, user-generated
    content (UGC) and native receipt scanning (NRS)

Our offer

With our objective to help, we are proud to be able to offer what would normally cost well over $100K for FREE. Try and use a solution that is winning and retaining customers in the most difficult of environments.

  • FREE Implementation
  • FREE first (3M) of Licensing Costs
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