What has changed the world of commerce? What’s delivering prescriptive solutions providing the fastest time to revenue? Collaborative Commerce.

Pragiti has partnered with VTEX, the first and only global, fully integrated, end-to-end commerce solution with both native marketplace and OMS capabilities. With VTEX, go beyond traditional eCommerce to collaborate with channel partners, suppliers, and even competitors. Expand assortments and grow revenue by delivering more value to your customers, and enjoy industry-leading time-to-revenue with no upgrades. Ever.
Accelerate Commerce. Now

Accelerate Commerce. Now

  • Enable customers: Give buyers the self-service tools they need to make purchase decisions with confidence to keep them coming back for years.
  • Make it personal: Deliver the personalized shopping experiences your customers want to boost conversions and increase loyalty.
  • Empower your sellers: Give field sellers, customer service teams and store associates the tools they need to collaborate with customers and become their trusted advisors.

Explore Marketplaces. Today.

  • Unite with channel partners: Join with your suppliers, sales partners and even competitors to create a marketplace and offer a one-stop shopping for everything your customers need.
  • Reach new customers: Connect with sellers across the VTEX marketplace ecosystem to reach new customers and co-sell your products and services.
  • Tap into new markets: Expand your market reach by syndicating products and services to third-party marketplace operators, such as Amazon, Alibaba and others.
Explore Marketplace. Today.
Outperform with Order Management. Easy.

Outperform with Order Management. Easy.

  • Empower the buyer: Give buyers the power to orchestrate their own orders and fulfillment methods with complete visibility into inventory and delivery options.
  • Gain a 360-degree view of inventory and orders: Manage orders for all your channels and gain visibility into your inventory wherever it resides – stores, warehouses, fulfillment centers and suppliers.
  • Unify online and offline: Create omnichannel customer experiences by offering pickup points, ship-from-store, scheduled delivery and even multiple fulfillment options on a single order.
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