It all starts with a conversation . . . several, actually. We can’t help you transform your business without an in-depth knowledge of how you do business. We spend significant time getting to know your processes and your people. We clearly map out what you need from SAP CX, the changes you’d like to make to your processes, and the end results you want to see. We clearly define how we’ll measure success and what you can expect from us.
Then we begin developing for your specific needs. Through our onshore and offshore delivery centers, we can deliver code on a regular, predictable schedule based on the milestones we’ve agreed on. In other words, you won’t have to wait until the go-live date to review and approve our work. This iterative approach not only accelerates your deployment, it minimizes surprises and builds consensus.
At Pragiti, we believe the client’s needs should drive the approach, not the other way around. We combine adaptive and agile methods in a way that encourages transparency and accountability, improves collaboration with our clients, and leads to a more successful end result for us both.
We’ve just scratched the surface here. There’s a lot more to learn about our approach, roadmaps we’d like to show you, and success stories we’d like to share. Contact us, and we’ll tell you all about it.

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