Pragiti has a well-defined support service for the hybris installed base which ensures that your website is up as per your expectations – allowing you to focus on strategic and more important initiatives.

Pragiti’s support transition model


  • The Pragiti model for providing support for your hybris implementation is comprehensive enough to cover the transition from the current support provider (even if it’s internal) and yet flexible enough to be customized for your needs.The support model covers the following:

    • Provide an acceptable level of system uptime and performance. This is based on severity level and the SLAs
    • Provide business as usual support by handling minor edits, changes and enhancements to the website

    Our support model typically kicks in after Level 1 support and issue triaging has already been performed. However, we are flexible enough to provide L1 support also, if required.

    The Pragiti support service is designed to ensure highest level of user experience, customer satisfaction and online revenues.

  • Some of the key aspects of our Support model are:

    • Covers the hybris implementation along with the stack on which it runs upto the database level
    • SLA based, deliverable based, resource based or a hybrid model for providing support
    • Business hour or 24X7 support
    • Process oriented and based on a well-defined methodology
    • Use of industry standard tools to track issues and resolution
    • Escalation process to ensure attention to issues
    • Regular reporting to check performance and to inform stakeholders
    • Ability to ramp-up dynamically for resources based on enhancements


To know more about Pragiti’s Support services, click here.

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