Pragiti builds best practices based, pre-fabricated, downloadable integrations

As the hybris ecosystem expands, 3rd party product vendors and ISVs look to invest in their relationship with hybris by building and making available pre-built intimage-ycake-extendegrations between hybris and their products. Since hybris demands a very high standard of the integrations that they agree to put on their website, these ISVs need a partner like Pragiti to build out these integrations

Since Pragiti has both the product development view as well as the perspective from an implementation side, we are able to build certified integrations as well as provide insights into what the integration should look like.

In the past, Pragiti has designed and built integrations in almost all functional areas including but not limited to Customer Experience & Optimization, Campaign Management & Marketing, Payment, etc.

Pragiti list of achievements include building the following integrations:





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