14 Jan 2019

Future Ecommerce

eCommerce is primarily concerning execution, except for anyone concerned within the eCommerce game, it’s associate setting that’s perpetually ever-changing, and upgrading as technologies improve and firms battle against one another to win a more significant share of the pie. There are still things that continue to be constant during this domain: delivery times can improve, […]

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06 Sep 2018

The Next BIG thing – Conversational Commerce

From:         In-store purchases – physically experiencing the touch and feel of the product To:              Online Orders – virtually experiencing the product And now:   Voice Orders – just directly buying the product Transactions API allows you to create more seamless ordering experiences than other channels such as through websites and mobile apps. This is because the […]

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07 May 2018

IoT Influence in Future of Digital Commerce

Digital Commerce As per Gartner, digital commerce is defined as “buying and selling of goods and services using the Internet, mobile networks, and commerce infrastructure. It includes the marketing activities that support these transactions, including people, processes, and technologies to execute the offering of development content, analytics, promotion, pricing, customer acquisition and retention, and customer […]

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14 Nov 2017

Hybris : How to replace base_{locale}.properties approach to fetch localized content for website

Introduction In Hybris e-commerce platform, localization of certain content on the web pages is addressed by spring framework class “ReloadableResourceBundleMessageSource” which takes care of fetching the messages from base_{locale}.properties base_{locale}.properties : The keys and it’s values are referred in the jsp/tag files using spring framework tag library Problem Statement or current limitations The approach of […]

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12 Jun 2017

IoT Generated Data

Shoes telling us that we’re getting slower running our usual route, refrigerators ordering milk automatically and thermostats resetting themselves are applications that are poised to revolutionize the lives of consumers and provide an incredible opportunity for retailers and service providers to serve and build long lasting relationships with them. The key currency of this relationship […]

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06 Feb 2017

SOAP/REST message monitoring in Eclipse and IntelliJ

Webservice applications ,either SOAP or REST send a lot of information in the headers along with the actual message.Most of the information is not captured in the application logs. For debugging web service client/server applications , it is necessary to see the exact message that is sent on the wire i.e HTTP message along with the HTTP […]

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23 Jan 2017

Using Stagemonitor with hybris

Stagemonitor is an opensource solution for performance monitoring of Java applications.It provides insights about the call stack ,Method execution time, page load time,JVM,JDBC, Request metrics and helps to better understand and improve the performance of applications. Stagemonitor can be used for both development and production environments.It imposes a very low overhead on the application. Stagemonitor for Development […]

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