eCommerce projects can seem to go on and on. With Pragiti’s rapid deployment program, you can deploy in 100 days!

  • Implementing a large, customized hybris solution may not fit your current budget or timeline. To help your solution run better quickly, Pragiti offers a new delivery model – providing you with predictable costs, scope and delivery dates for your implementation before you start.Based on our decade plus of past experiences, the founding team of Pragiti, looked at creating an out-of-the-box solution which would cater to most of the requirements of clients and be easily customizable as well as be flexible enough to be built in stages. The result is RapidLive.

    Pragiti RapidLive solution combines preconfigured hybris software, best practices, and fixed-scope implementation services at a predictable price. Installed quickly, you can benefit from crucial software functionality within as low as 100 days.

    RapidLive is an out-of-the-box eCommerce solution built on the hybris accelerator framework, where business processes and templates are pre-defined and our consultants work with you closely in identifying which features and functionality needs to be turned on. Customization is usually kept to the minimum and often pushed out to the next phase. The result is a best practices driven eCommerce website configured to your requirements – delivered within a predictable cost and timeframe.


  • RapidLive features:

    • Pre-built, out of box eCommerce solution
    • Admin-controlled configuration/management of functionalities
    • Multiple design templates
    • Alternate page flows
    • Choice from built-in multiple payment gateways
    • Built in shipping methods
    • Built in integration jobs for inbound & outbound data flow
    • Built in personalization

    Pragiti RapidLive solution helps you:

    • Provide a complete solution with faster time to value
    • Benefit from a predictable, lower cost implementation
    • Simplify the process of purchasing and implementing solutions and services
    • Address your specific business needs
    • Allow functional flexibility to accommodate future growth


To know more about Pragiti’s RapidLive program, click here.