Legacy data load and data integration are an extremely critical part of a replatforming initiative. Additionally, they are often complex and a time consuming part of the implementation cycle.

The hybris Mapper
  • Once we understood the challenge and the underlying issues, Pragiti’s innovation team got going and identified the pain points and the ways in which these could be addressed. The team quickly realized that there are multiple ways of addressing this issue and developed a loader tool to automate the process and cut down on inefficiencies.Pragiti’s custom built ready-to-deploy loader tool, extends the hybris framework to connect the hybris eCommerce data base with built-in connectors to other legacy databases. This approach ensures that the clients get something which is an extension of hybris itself and not another 3rd party tool which may or may not be fully utilized by the clients.


  • Pragiti’s hyMap has the following benefits

    • It jumpstarts the integration development
    • There is no ambiguity as the process is well documented
    • It reduces implementation time
    • It is flexible and adaptable to various backend and middleware solutions
    • It provides for dynamic creation of format files
    • It comes with a rich UI

To know more about Pragiti’s hyMap solution, click here.

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