Custom coding what you believe should be standard?

Not so, with Pragiti hyAdds – Add ons for your hybris implementation.

innovation1While hybris is the best commerce platform out there, customer needs keep growing and they keep demanding newer features and functionality. Pragiti listens to its customers and the market. And, therefore, Pragiti has built adds on for the hybris implementation – which give our customers pre-built features and functionality – based on best practices, field-tested and can help cut down implementation time while reducing risk.

Some of the hyAdds include:

  • Pragiti hyXoom – An add on to zoom and manage images
  • Pragiti hySEAP – An add on to enable SEO augmentation
  • Pragiti hyLoyalT – An add on for basic loyalty program
  • Pragiti hyRegistree – An add on for gift registry
  • Pragiti hyProComp – An add on for product comparison

To know more about Pragiti hyAdds, click here.